Strategic Review

Strategic Service and Cost Review

You know what needs to be done but simply don’t have the time and resource to do it as you are dealing with other daily challenges such as staffing issues and special dietary requirements.

In addition to the benefits of the financial and quality  appraisal evaluation, this strategic options review is aimed at working together to compile a cohesive and sustainable service strategy which works best for your organisation.

This process may involve interviewing Heads/Principals, Governors, students and other nominated stakeholders.

Consideration may be given to shared service contracts, the formation of clusters with other local educational establishments to deliver economies and/or bringing and successfully managing services In House.

In developing this proposed strategy, and to help you weigh up business needs and stakeholder inputs with opportunities and risks, we will use extensive knowledge from successful careers with leading education service providers together with our unique service evaluation tool.

Initial meeting to discuss
options (complimentary)
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Compare actual and potential
service costs
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Professional support packages
for in-house services
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Compliant tender management
to drive best value
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Strategic service and cost
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EHO advisory food safety
and H&S service
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