Financial & Quality Appraisal

Financial and Quality Appraisal

What it is

This review will compare the value you are getting from your service with what could reasonably be expected from the open market and/or operating services in-house.

How it will work

We will ask you for core information and, using our experience and benchmarked data then provide you with an objective appraisal of any financial opportunity.

Possible outcomes

  • You may be getting good value from your service and if this is the case we will tell you just that.
  • You may have a significant financial opportunity that can only be realised through tendering or renegotiation with your supplier.
  • You may be reasonably content with your daily service and would like to extend with your contractor. Armed with our objective evaluation you are now confident to negotiate from a position of strength or get Matriculate to complete this on your behalf.
  • It has been suggested that it would be better for a service to be run in-house but need to evaluate whether the financial gain outweighs any risks. We will highlight any potential savings, identify the risks and recommend measures to ensure you have the right support and guidance to help you complete this evaluation.

Initial meeting to discuss
options (complimentary)
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Compare actual and potential
service costs
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Professional support packages
for in-house services
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Compliant tender management
to drive best value
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Strategic service and cost
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EHO advisory food safety
and H&S service
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