02 Oct

Universal Free School Meals

dining room

Are you ready for Universal Infant Free School Meals?

Introducing Universal Infant Free School Meals for many schools is proving a challenge.

From September 2014 all maintained infant and primary schools, academies, free schools, special schools and pupil referral units with children in reception, year 1 and 2 must provide free meals for infants.

Many schools have concerns about the implementation including:

“How will we manage with the size of our kitchen and dining area”?

“Do we have sufficient and suitable equipment”?

“Will our catering team cope – do they have the capabilities”?

“Can we get additional capital funding”?

“Will introduction of UIFSM may affect the pupil premium”?

Matriculate is working with schools who need that professional advice and practical support to implement UIFSM and the increase in meal uptake

You can choose to work with Matriculate as an extended part of your senior management team, to support all aspects of your catering service, including the School Food Plan and UIFSM, or use Matriculate merely in the specific areas where you require our time, expertise and resource.

Additional information about UIFSM can be found on the School Food Plan website


Are you ready?